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Empowerment Solar’s Mission

Energizing the Middle East: Fostering energy independence and economic prosperity for individuals and business owners across the Middle East and North Africa by supplying affordable and easy access to distributed solar electricity.

Beginning with the Palestinian West Bank: In 2014, Israel provided 99% of the West Bank’s electricity, draining up to $700M from the Palestinian economy. Today, Palestinian firms pay 10% more than Israelis and 64% more than Americans for electricity despite the fact that Israel’s per capita GDP is 7 times that of Palestine’s and the U.S.’s is 12 times greater. Palestinians also face an unreliable grid, plagued by brownouts and shortages. Grid reliability and costs will only worsen, as the U.N. predicts that “by 2020 there could be an electricity capacity shortage of ~1000MWp”.

How? Empowerment Solar will design and install commercial-scale photovoltaic solar electricity systems for small-and-mid-sized enterprises on the West Bank.

Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility (CSER)

Empowerment solar intends to serve its community beyond providing empowering electricity. Thus at Empowerment we are focused on meeting the highest of ethical, labor, environmental, and safety standards. This means as well that we place profound importance on the issue of gender, religious, ethnic—and other forms of—non-discrimination. At Empowerment, we consider CSER as an equal (and at times prioritized) mission to our financial returns.